Our story began back in 1989 with our first nectarine plantation on the family plot that our father worked for so many years since he was little. There he began his journey in stone fruit, apart from managing his first plot, he worked in a stone fruit company in Valdelacalzada doing the functions of field manager, in that same company was the other fundamental part of this project, our mother, who was in charge of her brother’s fruit and vegetable center. Little by little, with a lot of work and effort, they grew hand in hand with their children who, since they were little, were daily in the fields working with them, combining work and study. In the year 2000, Alfonso and his children began to have more land to work on, they They decide to get fully into the stone fruit sector to be hand in hand with their father, year after year they are increasing more hectares of land to plant more varieties of stone fruit. In 2014, the four brothers, together with their parents, decided to make the leap from producers to exporters, setting up their own company and building a factory from scratch in record time, thanks to the companies they sought. Since the first year as exporters, they have their own production and that of a select group of farmers who decide to bet their future on that of this family that was starting from scratch in the sales and export sector. Currently, almost all farmers continue to grow hand in hand with the company year after year and some more farmers who have joined in these years after seeing the results of our farmers with their productions.

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